Tyranny of Dragons

Chapter 7 - The Hunting Lodge (part 2)

Part 2

This is Part 2.

Frulam was killed and the party enters into the Hunting Lodge with Barbie dragging Frulam’s bloody corpse to intimidate any would-be cultist resistance inside the building.


Upon entering the lodge the team found no one inside. Bairon was checking each door for traps and locks as we proceeded.

Area 4 – the entry room is a cloak room with a guard post.

Step further inside past two sets of elven plate mail in chipped green paint left and right of the door. Inside was a wide staircase going up to a landing and then two stair cases going up left and right to the 2nd floor. In this space above the team the could see the 2nd floor balcony and doors into other parts of the house.


Bairon quickly explored some of the rooms on the first floor. Finding Room 11 — a Trophy Room of various hunting efforts. Rams, Stags, etc. mounted on the walls and various taxidermy in glass cases about the room. Found the hallway between the main hall and the 2 rooms numbered 10 — but did not go into any of the doors beyond the hall.

Returning back to the main room — the team began going upstairs using the left and right stair cases. Jamna made her way up the stairs to the right first and checked doors to rooms, but skipping the first door she encountered. Checking the 3rd door near the balcony she seemed delighted by what was inside with a soft gleeful squeak and bolted inside. The rest of the team wondering what that was all about.

Bairon and Tusk headed up the stairs to the left and began checking doors. To the right, Barbie, Hale and Crispus headed up the stairs. Barbie opened the first door at the top of the stairs and were greeted by woman in white scale male with what looked like an icicle wand pointing at the party and 2 veteran cult members. She introduced herself as Talis the White and that were welcome and that she could do business with us given that it appears we had slain Frulam. She pointed and indicated the halberd that Barbie was now carrying (Frulam’s weapon). Talis said she was please that Frulam was slain. She let us know also that Rezmir must have come from the teleportation stones, skipped past the hunting lodge and went on to the town of Parnast. Rezmir did not warn Frulam that possibly the team was behind her coming through the portal. Talis found this delightful, Rezmir betrayer her sister cult member. Talis let us know that SHE is was to become “The White” — a rank within the cult that represented the expert in white dragons. SHE was that expert, she knew so much more than Varam (the White — pfft she spits). That despicable dwarf stole her position and claimed the White Dragon Mask with the support of Wyrmspeaker Rezmir the Black. With Rezmir’s backing the mask went to Varam. Talis would like to see Rezmir’s part in the cults plans come to ruin. Talis is quite blunt in sharing information with the team, as she had a powerful wand pointed at us according to Crispus’ assessment of the icy magic item.

….. in progress …. more coming ….


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