Tyranny of Dragons

Chapter 8: Castle in the clouds

Part 1

After the group successfully infiltrated Skyreach castle, they were now faced a difficult question, What now? the group wandered almost aimlessly throughout the castle trying their best to remain inconspicuous. however as they traveled to the lower levels of this castle looking for safe spot or a path for a emergency exit. They came face to face with a adult white dragon hanging from the ceiling. the group withdrew from the area with great haste, yet decided to further interact with such a fearsome and powerful creature knowing full well it could kill them at any moment… if it so wished. Going back and forth from the dragon’s lair and the kitchen, Tusk hatched up a scheme to earn the white dragon’s trust. His idea which was validated by the group, was to give Glazhael a fresh sheep carcass, drenched in wine and frozen. UNFORTUNATELY, Glazhael hated wine as she knew it dulled the senses of any creature who drank it. Offended by this offering she breathed her freezing cold breath weapon onto the group. Tusk was fine,dodged the whole thing without so much as a scratch on him. everyone else however was far from OK. Crispus was so critically injured from the dragon’s breath that he was barely hanging on to life. Persuading the dragon seemed to be more trouble than what it was worth.


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